Nasdaq Market Update for 11/3

It is finally Election Day! And the day brought the pleasant surprise of a positive expectation breaker for the Nasdaq. Yesterday’s trend lines and the indecisive candle pointed to losses for today, but it is good to be wrong sometimes. I set my expectations for the next day, but always be prepared for a break from those expectations, especially during these uncertain times.

Nasdaq Market Update for 11/2

The first day of November brought starts off with some more choppy market action as the Nasdaq started in positive, went negative and then back to positive by the end of the day. It was good that the index came up off afternoon lows, but it could just barely get back to the midpoint of the morning highs.

Nasdaq Market Update for 10/30

The market sold off heavily on Friday after a big day of earnings releases that did not meet the demands of investors who were already nervous from the resurging pandemic and the pending turmoil from next weeks election. There is not much to look at on the good side other than the pullbacks will eventually create new opportunities.

Nasdaq Market Update for 10/29

It was a reasonably good day following the sell-off on Wednesday. The Nasdaq finished up +1.64% after tempting itself with the 50d MA and September Resistance line. Volume was lower, returning to the recent levels that have represented the wait-and-see level of activity in the market, well below the 50d average volume .