Daily Market Update for 1/12

A rally back into large-cap stocks drove the major indexes higher on Wednesday, while small-caps fell back. Consumer Price Index data for December was higher than forecast, but investors remained confident that the Fed would remain vigilant in controlling inflation in 2022.

Daily Market Update for 1/7

Payrolls and Unemployment data sent a blurry picture to investors on the pace of economic recovery. The uncertainty ended a volatile week with more decline while investors continue to evaluate pending rate hikes from the Fed later this year.

Daily Market Update for 1/4

While most of the market dipped, cyclical stocks took the lead. Energy and Financials led the day while Industrial and Materials had gains after missing out on yesterday’s momentum. The rotation shouldn’t be a huge surprise after the lopsided gains the previous day and the selling signals of richly (dare we say over) valued growth stocks.