Daily Market Update for 1/27

It was another tough day for the stock market. Indexes opened higher, but then faded throughout the day to close lower. The rally attempt from Monday’s low is still intact but the performance since then isn’t looking good. Will indexes fail Monday’s low and go further down, or will they find support and move higher?

Daily Market Update for 1/26

Jerome Powell says Inflation is bad and possibly getting worse. While the initial release from the Fed meeting met expectations, which predicted an interest rate hike in March, markets turned fearful again when comments from Powell showed much more concern than anticipated.

Daily Market Update for 1/21

That’s four days in a row with a long upper wick from a failed morning rally and a dismal closing range under 10%. Panic sets in for investors as the Fed’s rate hike decision approaches to fight higher inflation while risking the possibility of a recession.