Study of Sector Rotation During 2020 Market Crash

Original Chart

For Growth Investors, there were a few shocking days over the past months where the indexes went up but our portfolios went sideways or down. There’s no worse feeling than having the market go up and have your portfolio go down.

The cause was sector rotations as investors moved into “discounted” stocks that were hit the worst during the market crash of 2020 and hopes were they would recover sharply. This chart is a visual history of the last several months and confirmation of the rotations occurrences.

I’m using Select Sector SPDR ETFs: XLK XLY XLV XLC XLB XLP XLRE XLU XLI XLF XLE . The base chart is a composite price index of all the ETFs listed. The other lines are % change comparison of each ETF starting just before the market made all-time highs and then turning downward.

Please post in the comments if you see other insights in the chart.

Here’s hoping for a continued recovery and a safer world over the rest of 2020.


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