Daily Market Update for 12/6

Whiplash moves in the market driven by Omicron fears continued today. Optimism gained over the weekend as doctors reported mild symptoms for Omicron cases, and it seems vaccines are still effective against the new variant. The positive outlook helped drive markets higher today.

Daily Market Update for 12/1

Fears over omicron continued to put pressure on markets, despite optimism that drove a morning rally. Not only did the US find its first case of the new variant, but the Fed’s Jerome Powell signaled that inflation might not recede next year as previously thought. The two caused markets to give up early gains and decline further.

Daily Market Update for 11/29

Investors reassessed the risks of the new Omicron variant and determined the impact may be less than initially thought on Friday. Equities rose while bond yields declined. All S&P 500 sectors gained for the day, despite gains not being broadly shared across individual stocks.