Daily Market Update for 1/14

Investors shook off bad employment news in the morning to drive indexes to all-time highs before an afternoon session of selling. There were plenty of gains across a breadth of stocks, but the losses in the mega-caps weighed down the major indexes. The exception was the small-cap Russell 2000 which gained +2.05% in a solidly upwards session.

Daily Market Update for 1/13

It was not a very exciting session for the Nasdaq today, but there were certainly pockets of excitement in parts of the market. The brief climb in the morning for Nasdaq turned to a sideways movement for the rest of the day. The good news is that the index never went back down towards the morning low. However, the gains for mega-caps and some growth stocks were not broadly shared across the market, keeping the index from closing closer to the intraday highs.

Daily Market Update for 1/12

If you are invested in growth stocks and small caps you are probably delighted, but it may be a bit confusing to look at the indexes. The growth and small cap segments did exceptionally well, but the major indexes show an indecisive day. The Nasdaq dipped mid-day but finished just above its open.

Daily Market Update for 1/11

It was tough to have any expectation coming into today’s trading session. Nervousness about what will happen in DC on top of continuing pandemic pressures over the weekend resulted in a low start to the day. Confidence grew as buyers came in but ultimately the bears ruled the day, bringing the index back down to a new intraday low before close.

A Naive Trader

A few years ago, I finally started to pay more attention to how I was investing my money. It’s never too late to start, right? I started to nibble a bit in equities. I had some painful lessons as well as some lucky investments that grew considerably. I didn’t really understand why some investments worked and others did not.

Market Week In Review – 1/4/2021 – 1/8/2021

The first week of 2021 for the markets was filled with twists and turns but ended with gains across all the major indexes. The Nasdaq ended the week with a +2.43% gain; not a bad start to the year. Volume was higher as investors came back from the holidays. The index has a weekly closing range of 99% with a green body of 36.7% at the top of the candle.

TPI Decarbonizing Electric and Electrifying Vehicles

TPI Composites (TPIC) has been positioning itself for two key clean energy trends. First it has established itself as a specialist in producing light-weight composite materials used to create wind blades for wind turbine OEMs. Second, its diversifying its business by using the same methods to product lightweight, but very strong, body materials for electric buses, trucks and cars.