I received a question about hosting a WordPress site you created with WebMatrix on your own web server. Assuming you have Windows Server 2008 available, this is pretty easy to do. In fact, it’s a similar process for any WebMatrix web site.

Here are the steps.

Create your new WordPress site


The first step is to create your WordPress site using WebMatrix. I won’t rehash all the steps in the post as I covered the steps here and they should still be the same.

Prepare Your Server

Now you need to prepare your server so you can deploy from WebMatrix. The easiest way to do this is to use Web Platform Installer. You can get that from here: http://www.microsoft.com/web/platform/

image Once you’ve launched Web Platform Installer, type “Hosting” in the Search box and select “Recommended Server Configuration for Web Hosting Providers”. This will add several components to the Items to be Installed list at the bottom of the Window.

In addition, if you do not have access to a separate MySQL server, then you may want to add MySQL Windows 5.1 (or another recent version).

Click the Install button and Accept the license agreements for the list of software that will be installed.

Web Platform Installer will now install and configure several packages including IIS, ASP.NET, PHP, SQL Server and MySQL.

Configure Web Deploy Publishing

Now that you have IIS and all the components you need installed, you can configure Web Deploy Publishing on your website.

You can use the Default Web Site, or create a new web site in IIS to do this. I’ll use the Default Web Site in this example.

Launch Internet Information Services Manager from the start menu. Expand the nodes in the Connections window and right-click Default Web Site. Select Deploy and click Configure Web Deploy Publishing.

A dialog will appear asking you for the configuration information.

For User, select either a Windows user or an IIS Manager user. You can create new IIS Manager users using the IIS Manager Users feature that’s part of the root server node. Type in the MySQL connection string, or use the dialog to enter the information manually and have IIS build the connection string for you. Check that the hostname is correct in the URL for the publishing server connection. Finally, choose a location to store the publish settings file. Click Setup.

You should now have a new publish settings file located on your server. Copy this file to your local computer.

Publish to Your New Server


On your local computer, open up your WordPress site in WebMatrix. Click the Publish button in the toolbar. On the Publish Settings dialog, the click Import publish settings link. Choose the publish settings file that you downloaded from the server. Retype your password in the dialogue.


You can now validate the settings by clicking Validate Connection. In addition, when you click Save you will have the opportunity to check for Application Compatibility. If you have trouble connecting to your server, you may need to open ports (for example 80 and 8172) in the firewall on the server and/or network.

There is more detail on setting up to host WebMatrix sites here: http://learn.iis.net/page.aspx/947/joining-the-web-hosting-gallery-with-webmatrix-support/