Everyone in our house is really excited about the Surface. Even the kids.

So while I was out today, my daughter tried to log into mine...multiple times. That triggered a feature in the Surface to protect the information on my device. BitLocker*! This makes sure all the information I store on the Surface is encrypted. If someone tries to get into the Surface and doesn't know the password, it locks the device down.

To get back into the Surface, I needed to use another machine to retrieve my BitLocker recovery key. This is a feature enabled for our corporate machines at Microsoft, but I didn't realize it would apply to my Surface too. Cool!

A screen instructed us to use another machine to go to http://windows.microsoft.com/recoverykey. From here, I was able to get the special code to unlock my device.

This is such a great feature to protect my Surface from little fingers (and less innocent hackers) while not requiring the entire device to be reset in order to recover.

  • Our product info says the encryption in Windows RT is based on Bitlocker technology. I don't know the differences.